Our Mission

MAGPC's lawyers are available to respond to any employment law issue. We bring cost effective solutions to the resolution and representation of any work-related issues. Our successful track record, specifically in the field of employment law will help you avoid costly mistakes when dealing with work disputes. Whether it's contract disputes, working conditions, employee pay rights, discrimination, harassment or restructuring – our experience and success in all of these areas reflects a commitment to becoming the team that will work to fight for your rights.

MAGPC's: "Employment Lawyers who Listen"

We will continue to treat every client with the utmost respect and provide sound and effective advice to try to achieve the best and most cost effective result. MAGPC's lawyers are focused on your interests by working aggressively to apply negotiation and litigation skills that are backed up by a wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication.

If you are looking for experienced employment lawyers, please get in touch!

We provide:

  • A free, first-time 30 min. consultation
  • Clear and simple communication
  • Timely response to your calls and questions
  • Respect and dedication toward you and your case.

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